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No, you don’t need (yet) an expensive and complex administrative system to comply with the new whistleblowing legal requirements.

For the vast majority, it is enough to have a secure channel and an internal process to receive and handle reports of misconduct. Please read our complete guide on whistleblowing.

ANON::forms secure web form is the perfect solution to create an affordable, secure and anonymous reporting channel that complies with EU directives and local legislation on whistleblowing.

Choose between two different standard packages, or get in touch and we’ll help you create exactly what you need.

HINT! All packages include free of charge various possibilities to easily embed your forms in your website, read more here


Our E2EE Form LITE package is for you with the really small need, who only needs a single secure standard form, supports only one language and uses only one recipient. You manage the email account that receives the form data yourself, for example by using a free account with ProtonMail. Read more about what is included.

Please follow these steps to order:

1. If you do not already have an e-mail solution that supports PGP encryption, you must create one, for example by registering a free ProtonMail account and later upgrade to a professional account with support for Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail if needed.

How to create a free ProtonMail account

2. Order your E2EE Form LITE account by paying the annual fee in advance >>> via this link <<<. Note that the order applies to a continuous annual subscription that you can terminate whenever you want before the current subscription period expires.

3. After an accepted payment, your new account will be created automatically and you will receive an email to the email address you entered in the previous point with instructions on how to open your E2EE Form LITE control panel. You also get a link to the control panel for subscriptions and customer details.

The message will arrive within a few minutes, check your spam if it is delayed, contact our support if you have not received a message after 2 hours.

4. Open the E2EE Form LITE control panel, check and update/complete your data if necessary.

ATTENTION! You need to upload your PGP public key in the control panel of the email address you specify as the recipient of the form data, if you have an account with ProtonMail you can do this via a button in the form that downloads the public key (or follow this instruction).

5. You will find the link to your form at the top of the control panel, use it where you need it in your website, etc.

>>> Order E2ee Form LITE <<<


Our E2EE Form BASIC package is for those who do not have a great need to tailor a solution, but want to get started easily and quickly at a known price from the start. For more detailed specification of what the package contains, please see the facts box about the package. You will find examples of the most common forms in our demo menu.

This subscription also includes our standard Whistleblowing Policy which is automatically generated and can be accessed via a link you embed on your website and which can also be displayed in your whistleblowing forms. The text of the policy can, for an additional one-time cost, be adapted to your special needs. See the demo menu for examples. Read more about what is included.

It is very easy to order the E2EE Form BASIC package, with us you don’t have to attend endless sales meetings just to get a price:

1. Open the order form and familiarize yourself with it, fields with a “+” indicate an extra charge.

– Section 1: choose between the basic package or the basic package with some additions, depending on your choice different parts of the form will be activated, you can always go back and change your choice if necessary.

– Section 2: fill in all the info needed to create your customer account.

– Section 3: fill in info to create your account for the service. The field “Subdomain name” is your unique account ID and is then used together with the domain you use, for example with account ID “example” and selected domain “” the address of your forms becomes “”. The form tests if your entered account id is available, enter another id if your suggestion is busy. ATTENTION! Account ID cannot be changed later, be sure to enter the correct Account ID spelled correctly.

– Section 4: specify how you want your forms to be customized. Specify the languages ​​you will use in the forms. Feel free to upload your logo in high resolution in JPEG format, you can also upload a ZIP archive with logos in different formats and favicon images that you want to use. Please familiarize yourself with our demo forms which you can find in the menu under “Demo” and which you can open on your mobile by scanning the QR code.

– Section 5: the service requires you to have an email account that supports PGP encryption to receive form data, specify here if you want to use a free account with ProtonMail or if you already have an existing solution.

– Section 6: specify the desired payment plan for your subscription. We recommend a 1-year prepaid subscription as this always gives you the best price and the least bureaucracy for both you and us.

– Section 7: fill in any comments and/or clarifications as needed.

– Section 8: by checking the box and submitting the order, you order the service. ATTENTION! Do not close the form after submitting this, you can download your own copy of the agreement from a link at the top of the form. ATTENTION! If the Captcha code does not work, the session has expired, click the “Refresh” button to get a new code and send again.

2. When we receive your order, we send an invoice for the subscription period and installation fee, when we receive your payment for the invoice, we activate your account with the default settings.

The subscription period always runs from the first of the month and always starts shifted forward long enough for you to have time to get your settings and changes made without stress.

We will contact you as soon as possible after the order for more details on how we together manage the wishes you have given in the order form, a few short meetings via e.g. Teams are included in the installation fee.

If you indicated in the order that you want help with customizing your forms or with installing PGP e-mail, we will arrange this via our subcontractor Schuetten Consulting Ab Ltd, who will invoice you directly for their services.

When all adaptations and settings have been made, you yourself are responsible, for example via your webmaster, for links to the forms to be posted in your website in the way you wish.

3. Get in touch if there is something you are wondering about or if you need help with your order.

>>> Order E2EE Form BASIC <<<