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Use our system for anonymous and secure forms for websites as a secure and anonymous reporting channel for your whistleblower protection.

According to the EU’s new directive on strengthened protection for so-called whistleblowers, all organizations with at least 50 employees must set up reporting channels for reporting and dealing with suspected irregularities.

For most people, it is sufficient to set up a technical reporting channel that meets the requirements for security and anonymity, and link it to an internal processing procedure. The large and complete systems that are on the market today are only needed in very large organizations.

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ANON::form’s secure web form fully meets all requirements for security and anonymity and is a competent and cost-effective alternative to creating a “whistleblower channel” that meets the requirements of the EU whistleblower directive (2019/1937), which is connected to your existing case manager.

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In addition to security and anonymity, our web forms are highly customizable and easily integrated into your website and intranet, for example there are plugins for easy integration in WordPress or Drupal that is included whitout extra cost in the subscription.

Read more about how you can use our system as a whistleblower channel.

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