Secure forms for websites

ANON::form is a complete and easy-to-implement solution for secure web-based e-forms that meets all existing requirements for not only security but also anonymity and (un)traceability.

Secure, anonymized and responsive web forms. Meets regulatory requirements for whistleblowing. WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant. Works on the computer, tablet and mobile.

The requirements for secure communication with secure forms and storage of sensitive information are steadily increasing, not least from authorities through the introduction of the GDPR and the new protection of so-called “whistleblowers“.

Something that is often overlooked but directly affected by the new requirements, are the web forms used on the websites and homepages to create contact or collect information, using email as transport.

Always use secure forms for

  • the company’s contact form; knowledge of new customers and their wishes is important and sought after business information
  • irregularity reporting forms; whistleblowers must feel safe and also have the opportunity to be anonymous and even untraceable if they prefer this
  • reporting of sickness absence; this information is extra sensitive and is subject to requirements for secure handling
  • journalists’ and online newspapers tip forms; those who leave the tips must feel safe and have the opportunity to be anonymous and untraceable in order not to risk serious retaliation
  • all other types of forms where sensitive information may occur..
ANON::form’s service is unique

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) already exists in various applications for e-forms in specialized solutions where the form data is stored directly in the form server’s database.

ANON::form’s service is instead aimed at all websites that send the form data as e-mail to the recipient. Which is still by far the most used solution today.

ANON::form’s service takes care of the entire chain; the form is retrieved from secure purpose-built servers, the content of the completed form is encrypted in the visitor’s browser, sent in an encrypted channel via the same purpose-built servers directly to the recipient’s e-mail box without jumping around between different intermediary e-mail servers, and finally decrypted in the recipient’s e-mail client.

There is also a workaround where the encrypted email is captured on the recipient’s system and stored in a database on the recipient’s intranet instead of the recipient’s mailbox. Read more here about how you can save form data to a database instead.

The entire process takes place anonymously without leaving any traces. ANON::form is a perfect cost-effective whistleblower channel for those organizations that do not need or have statutory requirements for a complete case management system. Which in practice applies to all small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs, < 250 employees) which make up 99% of all business activities in the EU . You will find more information about this under “Solutions” in the menu.

ANON::form is a secure service created by security professionals with many years of experience:
Encryption between endpoints (E2EE); the content of the form is already encrypted in the browser with PGP (RSA 4096 bit) before it is sent and decrypted in the recipient’s secure email client.
Secure transmission (SSL/TLS); all traffic between the browser, web server and other transport points goes via the shortest possible path and is secured via encryption.
Meets the requirements for; EU/GDPR, EU/Schrems II, CH/revFADP, UK/FCA, US/SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and NIST and receive the rating A+ from Qualsys SSL Labs and ImmuniWeb. All certificates are encrypted with SHA256/RSA 2048 bits/TLS 1.2 + 1.3.
Meets the accessibility requirements according to; EU/EN301549 and W3C/WCAG2.1 AA.
Secure storage (Zero Access); all form data is stored encrypted with PGP in secure servers, even if someone breaks in, they still cannot read the data.
Anonymous; nothing is saved in the browser, in traffic logs or various caches, all metadata except what is absolutely required for the function is deleted.
Spam protection; all forms have Captcha protection against robot-generated spam. The Captcha function is locally installed and does not download anything from external sources such as Google. The forms also support hCaptcha, which offers better spam protection but poorer anonymity through increased traceability.
No online editing; all forms and associated code are carefully reviewed and uploaded by us manually to avoid malicious code and opening backdoors, etc.
No PGP email client? We help you with this; everything from a free solution where you only receive form data, to a secure multi-user solution in addition to your regular e-mail.
Secure (ISO 27001) and environmentally friendly data centers; all servers are located in the EU and Switzerland and are therefore not affected by, for example, CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) or FVEY (Five Eyes alliance).
Secure customers; our secure forms and related services are sold only to verified companies and organizations. If illegal activity is detected, the service is immediately closed to that customer.
Secure supplier; ANON::form is a service from the Åland company Schuetten Consulting Ab Ltd with operations since 2015. External consultants are not used, all staff are security tested. All service providers used are selected for quality and safety.
Secure e-forms from ANON::form are customizable:
Published under 6 different domains;,,,, and with SSL (https) as standard. Own domain can be used.
Extensive language support; we continuously add new language libraries that are always included at no extra cost. Languages ​​can be added upon request. Different languages ​​can be linked to different domains. In some subscriptions allow completely own language libraries.
Easily integrates with the existing website; use your own design with your own logo and custom CSS, link to the form or embed it with an iFrame. With our JavaScript library and plugins, you’ll be up and running in no time and easily embed your forms with shortcodes.
Different form types; ready-made contact and whistleblower forms as well as forms for reporting illness are available as standard. Own custom forms can be built and customized as needed. All forms are responsive and work perfectly on computer, tablet and mobile.
Has support for an attachment of up to 10 Mb; is uploaded to the form and sent as an encrypted attachment to the message.
ANON::form offers a comprehensive solution where we adapt and package secure communication for your e-forms and emails according to your specific needs.
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