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Secure forms for websites

Who should have the right, or even the opportunity, to see who is contacting you and what they write in your website’s contact form? The obvious answer should be; only those who send messages and you who receive them. Use secure forms!

Did you know that most websites’ contact forms are sent as completely unprotected e-mail messages, regardless of whether the traffic between the browser and the web server is encrypted?

And that lots of info about, among other things, who sent the message, from where and for what time, sometimes even the entire message, is saved in clear text in logs and various caches in the browser and in the servers that handle the transport?

This also applies to suppliers such as Microsoft, Google and various form services that market themselves as “secure”, they themselves usually have full access to everything that is sent with their system.

This is definitely not good, there are many who are interested in what your customers have to say, and when they did.

In our contact forms, the entire message is already encrypted in the browser and then transported completely anonymously through encrypted tunnels to the recipient, who can then read the message after it has been decrypted in the recipient’s secure e-mail client.

With our E2EE secure forms, you know that your business integrity is truly protected, all the way!

Use our secure web forms for everything that is important and/or sensitive; as contact form, whistleblower channel, tip channel, notification form for sick leave, etc.…

In addition to security and anonymity, our web forms are highly customizable and easily integrated into your website and intranet, for example there are plugins for easy integration in WordPress or Drupal that is included whitout extra cost in the subscription.

Read more about how you can use our system for secure communication.

It’s easy to order a subscription; we know your time is valuable and have simplified the process as much as we can.