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If you have your website in your own Drupal installation, you can use our special module to embed your forms in pages or articles.

Do this:

  1. Contact us and you will receive the module free of charge as a zip archive
  2. Save the zip archive to your computer
  3. Log in to your Drupal control panel
  4. Go to the tab “Extend”, select “Add module” and “Upload module…”, follow the instructions and activate the module (found in the group field types)
  5. Go to the tab “Structure”, select “Content types”
  6. For each content type you want to display forms, select “Manage fields”, select “Add fields”, select field type “ANON::form…” and follow the instructions
  7. Go to the page or article where you want the form, select the “Edit” tab and enter the path to your form in the Iframe URL field (under “Body text”)
  8. Go to the tab “Layout” and add a new block “ANON::form” (found in the group “Content Field”)
  9. Save the page / article

The embedding is an iframe that you can easily style if you want by adding extra css if your theme allows this, then use id “anonform-app”.