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We recommend Proton Mail as a client for our secure E2EE web forms as Proton is the market leader in secure email but still offers a very cost effective solution.

We recommend Proton Mail as the client for our secure E2EE web forms, Proton is the market leader in secure e-mail and offers a cost-effective solution.

As described in other articles, ANON::form secure E2EE web forms is a system that offers secure and anonymous forms for websites where the form data is already encrypted in the browser and then sent as an encrypted e-mail message to the recipient.

The recipient therefore needs an email client with PGP support that can decrypt messages from the secure forms. There are a lot of different solutions for this that can be used, but most are complex and require special knowledge for both installation and use, which is why we recommend Proton instead.

Proton Mail is a complete E2EE webmail system, with mobile apps for both Android and Apple, where all the complexity is taken care of by the system and therefore requires almost nothing more than ordinary e-mail systems to get started.

Proton offers several different account options which in the payment options also include calendar, storage and VPN; from a free account (setting up one is included in our basic package) to a complete business solution with administrative portal and own domain (Proton for business ). All account options can be easily upgraded at any time without any reinstallations or data loss.

You can use Proton Mail with your existing email client if it supports IMAP, such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail, with their unique Proton Bridge application installed locally on your computer. However, this requires a payment account.

Proton Mail is thus the perfect alternative for organizations that take security seriously but want a simple cost-effective solution that can be expanded to not only receive data from our secure web forms, but be the entire organization’s secure email.

Proton Mail is not part of ANON::form’s secure web forms but we recommend their solution and help you with everything from registering a free account if you order our basic package, to creating your organization’s complete secure e-mail solution via our subcontractor Schuetten Consulting Ab Ltd who has a very long experience of cyber security.

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