Spam protection with Captcha and hCaptcha

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All forms today need competent spam protection against bots and robots that automatically track down and fill in forms with unwanted content. Our forms are protected by Captcha and hCaptcha.

Today, all forms need competent spam protection against bots and robots. Our secure and anonymized web forms are protected by Captcha and hCaptcha.

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a security measure that checks that the user can enter a manual answer. A CAPTCHA protects you from spam by performing a simple test that proves you’re a human and not a computer trying to send you unwanted information or dangerous code.

We use two different types of Captcha which are used depending on what is most prioritized; the untraceability or spam protection. Feel free to test them in our demo forms.

Captcha (default)

Our standard Captcha solution is a traditional Captcha where a text string is displayed in an image that also contains “garbage” that makes it difficult for image reading software to interpret. The text string is interpreted by the visitor and entered in a text field in the form, the response is then evaluated by the server when the form is submitted.

The advantage of this option is that all program code is locally installed on the same servers that handle the forms. Nothing is thus retrieved from any 3rd-party provider, such as Google, which can track and collect data about you as a visitor. You are as “invisible” as in form management.

The disadvantage is that hacker tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which means that solutions with a text code in an unclear image have, in comparison with AI-based solutions, weak spam protection.

NOTE! Our Captcha function does not meet the accessibility requirements according to EN301549 and WCAG2.1 AA, choose hCaptcha instead if this is important.


If untraceability is not in focus, we recommend hCaptcha instead, which is a similar service to Google’s reCAPTCHA. But which, unlike Google and others, is focused on privacy.

Unlike our standard Captcha, hCaptcha uses the interpretation of images in different contexts which are analyzed by their AI system.

With hCaptcha, you get at least as competent spam protection as with, for example, Google’s solutions. But without the collection of data for use other than the functionality of the solution itself.

The disadvantage is that a 3rd party is used where data is collected outside our systems, which means that untraceability deteriorates.

Read more about hCaptcha . Here you will find their Privacy Policy and their Terms of Use

We also offer personalized hCaptcha plans for our customers’ forms at an additional cost.

But it’s not all about Captcha

We also use functionality other than Captcha in the forms to stop spam. The best protection is to use several different layers that overlap each other. However, no spam protection is 100% tight, we follow developments and do our best to minimize the problem.

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