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Join our global network of affiliates, agencies and service providers who earn commissions as ANON::form affiliate partners. Refer your customers or website visitors to ANON::form and earn generous commissions from every subscription purchase your referrals make.

Our affiliate partner program is straightforward; you receive a fixed, well-adjusted finder’s fee based on the first subscription length for each customer you refer to us and who orders a new subscription. It is free to participate in the program and you are under no obligation to refer a certain number of customers to us, you choose how much resources you want to spend on the partnership.

You also don’t have to be involved in the onboarding process of the new customer or provide any support for the service, we take care of everything. You may of course help the customer with adaptations of forms and/or possible installations of secure e-mail and invoice the customer for this, otherwise a subcontractor of ours gets that job if the customer does not take care of this himself.

For marketers

Mention ANON::forms secure web form in your blog, social media, newsletter, webinar or in your customer meetings and use your referral link. We track all purchases that come from your link and pay you a commission for each subscription sale.

For agencies

Introduce ANON::forms secure web form to your clients and other marketing experts to earn commission from every subscription purchase your referrals make. Recommend ANON::form to your network and create an additional revenue stream for your agency.

For suppliers

Leverage ANON::form to offer your customers high-quality value-added services and solutions, such as statutory secure whistleblower reporting channels, using ANON::form’s secure web form. Earn commissions from your customers’ subscription purchases.

It’s easy to become an affiliate partner, contact us via our contact form, put PARTNERSHIP as the subject and we’ll get back to you with the details.

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