About ANON::form

The requirements for secure communication with secure forms and storage of sensitive information are steadily increasing, not least from authorities through the introduction of GDPR and the new protection for so-called “whistleblowers”.

Something that is often overlooked but directly affected by the new requirements are the forms used on websites to create contact or collect information, with e-mail as the transport.

A complete, easily implemented and scalable solution for secure electronic web-based forms. Meets all requirements for security, anonymity and (un)traceability.

ANON::form is a complete, easy-to-implement and scalable solution for secure web-based electronic forms (e-forms) that meets all existing requirements for not only security but also anonymity and (un)traceability.

The service ANON::form was created by the Åland company Schuetten Consulting Ab Ltd during 2020 – 21 and spun off into its own company, Anonform Ab, in the fall of 2021.

“ANON::form”, “SecForm” and “WhistleblowerHelp” are trademarks of Anonform Ab, our customers are all over the world.

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